Track us live on SpotConnect

Trekking through Africa is no simple ordeal; internet access will be rare and dangers ever-present. In order for everyone to see when we’re traveling and where we are, we have created this page via SPOT. Our GPS live tracker will trace our location every 10 minutes when the device is turned on and display it on a map. Please follow us to see our travels and if you’re so inclined, you can enter the GPS into Google Maps or Google Earth to see the terrain we are traversing at that moment. The link has been provided below:


Reese and Larry Ishmael


It appears our Spot Connect us failing us here in SA. The staff IT tell me it’s because they don’t offer their services in the RSA. Oh, brother. Perhaps we’ll have better luck in Mozambique otherwise we’re apt to send this thing back without a thank you letter. Keep a look out on our Facebook accounts for more information and updates. 😄


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