Another Day “On the Rocks”


Umhlanga Rocks, that is. Another description would be “Another Day in Paradise.” We were both pretty worn out and not feeling up to snuff, so another day here in the lovely Cathy’s Place B&B was just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday while Reese was out enjoying the beach I went to Umhlanga Rocks BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle portion of the car dealer there. I knew the sales manager, Shaheen Bayat, and thought it would be a good chance to renew old friendships and check out the installation of the new rear tube, tighten the drive chain and do a good “once over” to make sure things were up to snuff. Other than an electrical snafu on the first full day that grounded us for a few hours and the blown inner tube in Maputo, the bike held up remarkably well. I love my bike and she loves me back enough to get everywhere we needed to go on the trip with no real hassles!

The bike checked out okay with no real problems and was washed and ready to go by the time I finished my chat with Shaheen. He and his wife had been in a dreadful auto accident back at the first of the year and his leg was broken in 4 places, so he is still recovering from his injuries. His wife went through the windshield (windscreen) and cut her face up pretty badly so she has had 5 surgeries to repair the damage… with more to come. Please pray for their well-being as they have suffered a lot. Shaheen is Muslim, as are many in the Durban area, and needs our prayers for full recovery.

Upon my return from the dealership I noticed that Reese was still out, so I sauntered down to the main village just a couple of blocks away for some lunch. They have so many great restaurants in the area, but I spied one last night on our way to dinner at the Indian restaurant that I wanted to try:  Hooters! Yes, the American chain of stores had a restaurant right there in Umhlanga Rocks and I was game to try it. My wife does not allow me to go to such places as she feels that they objectify women, but to me it is all about the food. I had a great spicy buffalo chicken salad that was just what my stomach craved. And, of course, the scenery was quite nice as well, so I lingered on and did some catching up on e-mails as I ate on that beautiful warm and sunny afternoon.

When I got back Reese still was not there, but arrived shortly after from his walk along the beach. We rested for a while and then headed out around 6 pm for dinner along the main strip where all the sidewalk cafés were located. I had a hankering for a good paella, but Reese wanted Thai, so we opted for that. The sosatis and chicken phad thai were fabulous, as was the people watching. As I said earlier, the nightlife in Umhlanga is quite active and we enjoyed the warmth of the evening outside people watching and eating. The walk back to the hotel was short and satellite TV offered a lot of options until exhaustion overtook us.

The next morning was another stellar breakfast of eggs, back-bacon (Canadian bacon to Americans), with sauteed mushrooms and tomato. The coffee in South Africa leaves much to be desired as the only good cup I’ve ever had was at Donford Motorrad, the BMW motorcycle dealer in Stellenbosch. My friend, Don Corleone, makes the best coffee in the country, but all others fall short of my Seattle trained taste buds. So, after breakfast we were off on our journey once more, better rested and on a clean and newly serviced/washed bike.


One thought on “Another Day “On the Rocks”

  1. I am sorry you haven’t had too many good cups of South African coffee. I am very fussy about coffee – it has to be hot strong and black. Usually I get it. I have never had Seattle Coffee – but if it is like the Americano that I had at Costas in England – I won’t like it. Perhaps it comes down to personal taste. I like my coffee the way the Italians, French and Belgians drink it. I have never had a bad cup of coffee in France or Belgium. I have never been to Italy but I have been served coffee by Italians and its good!

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