Out by the Indian Ocean

The next morning we had a hot breakfast in the large dining hall and hit the road again. Within 40 clicks we hit the border, and with little trouble made it through to South Africa. The drive was warm and beautiful. Sugarcane persisted, along with large farm plots, and the charm of KwaZulu Natal. There were tree farms, Zulu shields, fruit stands, and undulating roads. Soon we could see the Indian Ocean in the far distance and by 4pm we pulled into Umhlanga. I asked my dad why we weren’t pushing into Durban to which he responded that Umhlanga Rocks was quaint and much cheaper. After a few loops around town we found a small B&B which was rather nice once we got the chance to look around. Later that night we had some Indian food, dining on Tikka and Chana masala. The place was hosting an Indian wedding but we managed to squeeze into the small adjacent room and heard American English nearby. After dinner we gorged ourselves on free wifi and TV before catching up on some z’s.

This morning during breakfast we decided that an extra day sounded mighty tempting. My father had good news on the dissertation ordeal so that facilitated our extended stay. We spent our afternoons separately. He took the bike by the BMW dealership and enjoyed a light lunch downtown while I took a long, leisurely walk on the beach. It was absolutely phenomenal! People of all colors and creeds were out by the water fishing or swimming, building sand castles with the family or simply lounging under the sun. Some jogged along the walkway dividing high end hotels and the beach, some perused crafts or relished a cool ice cream, and some–like myself–were enjoying the fine pastime of people watching. I later reconvened with my father and enjoyed a mid-afternoon lounge session. Dinner consisted of delectable Thai food under a marquee, and here we are living out a near daily deja vu experience: chilling in our stay for the night and catching up on the events of the day.


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